One simple daily action to boost productivity and eliminate email creep

This isn’t sexy and it’s incredibly simple. You’ll thank me and pat yourself on the back for doing it. And everyone can make the decision to take this one daily action, I also recommend checking the 7 productivity hacks from famous entrepreneurs, you will be able to get lots of good tips from there.

Before leaving the office (or going to bed), write down the one most important thing you need to get done the next day. Before checking email the next morning, get your project done.

Too simple?

Okay… do the above. Then, set a timer and allow yourself only a certain amount of time to play around checking your email. When the timer buzzes, close out of your email program and get your project done.

It’s amazing how much work we can do when we aren’t being sucked in by other people’s agendas and our own email addiction.

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