How do you think your buyers make decisions about buying?
Facts first or feelings first?

Though one happens only about a nanosecond after the other, one comes first. Always.

It doesn’t matter if your buyer is B2B, B2C.
The title doesn’t matter. Whether you’re selling to HR or Procurement, it’s going to be the same (though even they may not think so).


It’s all about that “gut instinct” that initially connects, trusts, respects or likes the seller and the seller’s proposition, or not.

We – and they – think we’re being logical. Yet, we make decisions for subconscious reasons. When the right side of the brain gets excited and starts spilling oxytocin, the left analytical side is momentarily over powered. And then in a blink, as soon as the emotional decision is made, the left side immediately starts justifying the emotional buy.

It takes about a nano second to kick in (which is why people THINK they’re being logical).

But emotion always leads. Always.

Keep that in mind the next time you want to communicate more persuasively.

Help your buyer make a positive emotional decision. Next help them qualify or quantify what they’ve already decided upon.

How does this apply to email or presentations or proposals?

Use emotionally sticky words that help buyers feel safe, smart, confident and comfortable about the outcome you propose.
Focus on your vision story.
Infuse authentic positivity.

The more you can get them excited about possibilities, the more they’ll justify why they need what you offer.

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