When I poll participants in my Power Sales Writing workshops to see how often they think their email message is correctly understood, more than half of each class thinks they’re understood at least 75% of the time.

If only.

Readers actually understand our intent only 52% of the time, not much better than absolute chance.

And 2017 research published in the Journal of Experimental Social Psychology found people routinely overestimate their ability to be persuasive in written communication while they underestimate the level of their persuasiveness when communicating face-to-face.


Because when we make a request in writing – email or text, we know what we mean!
We hear our intonation when we write and reread it.
We know we’re honest, good, trustworthy people and that what we’re asking is legitimate.

Readers, especially those who don’t know us (like prospects) don’t think that way at all.

Even those who do know us – that last blunt email from a friend? – won’t necessarily give us the benefit of doubt.

To make the right impression and get best results, go rogue! Pick up the phone or better yet, make your request face-to-face.


Ready for this?

A face-to-face request Is 34 times more successful than an email ask.

Write better emails. Be certain they are:
concise and

Ask: Am I actually saying what I want to convey? How else can my busy, distracted reader understand this?

In the meantime, stop overestimating your business writing abilities and start building smarter business relationships.

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