On my run with my dogs today, a stranger said, “Your dogs are really enjoying their run!”

Most days, people say things like, “Who is running who?” (hahaha) or “Dogs look hot!”

But today, with a bit of positive reinforcement, I feel like buying a lottery ticket!

That is the tip that will tip the scales of sales and business success for you.

Infuse authentic positivity.

Even in a proposal when you can’t offer dates, rates, space or the actual product your buyer requests, what can you offer?

Focus on the positive, on your solution-sell. Then, explain the negative simply as a fact.

No need for apology or throat clearing or negative words like, “Unfortunately, these dates aren’t available.”

Instead, after saying what you can do, write, “The hotel is currently fully committed over the original dates.”

Drop words like “your preferred dates.” They were just original dates.

Create positive emotional stickiness around your current offer.

Infuse positivity in every story you tell. Uplift (authentically) your customers, clients, colleagues and you’ll be amazed how you’ll be uplifted too.


Infuse positivity.

In every communication. Every time.

Pull up the last email you sent. What more could you have done to create stronger positive resonance?
How could you have phrased it differently?
What positive words could you have added to help your reader envision success?

Count on skyrocketing your success when you consciously and consistently communicate what you can do, rather than what you cannot.

You’ll go from star to superstar.

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