People, People, People.

If facts changed minds, we’d all enjoy one glass of red wine each night while walking our dog. Mayo clinic research shows that “antioxidants found in red wine may help prevent coronary artery disease” and “owning a dog may be beneficial for human cardiovascular health because dog owners are more likely to be physically active.”

Raise your hand if you actually drink wine for its antioxidant benefits. Not seeing any hands, how about bringing the puppy home so you’ll be more physically active?

Facts, product-knowledge, transaction are all needed but they do very little to persuade, influence and make the sale.

The number one psychological tip for getting results with email is not to connect them with more than facts.

To make more sales (and money), connect buyers with positive emotion, care and compassion, ease and comfort, and your engaging personality.

Actually, that is the number one psychological tip regardless of whether the communication medium is email, business chat, phone or F2F.

True empathy enables trust and fosters likeability.

But don’t try to “do” empathy; BE empathetic.

I mystery shopped a client’s chat capabilities and immediately texted, making it very clear to the chatter that I had no product knowledge, but wanted to purchase what they offered.

Did I need the chatter to motivate me with words like, “You can do this!”

NO! Save that for the motivational speaker!

But I also don’t need a convoluted, industry word heavy, explanation of what I could accomplish with their solution. The chatter might have been chatting in Classical Greek.

A chat that said, “Thanks for being transparent with me. I enjoy helping people feel confident about making decisions regarding <product>.. May I ask you a few questions to start?” would have put me at ease, and easy to say, “Yes, please!”

Apply this psychological tip and you’ll always beat the competition.

Before you go—
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