Negotiating is usually best done over the phone.

But whether you’re on the phone or using email, there is one important tactic that is more likely to result in the price you want rather than the other way around.

According to Rain Group, Robert Cialdini and other smart researchers, it is the person who names the price first that ends the negotiatiation closer to that price.

The price you mention anchors the value in the buyer’s mind.

You can provide multiple prices based on different packages.

You might email:
“This rate offers these inclusions…. Based on budgetary restrictions, if you prefer to eliminate these <authentic adjective> inclusions, the rate is only $…”

Always anchor the rate.

Always provide your highest actual rate before offering lesser priced alternative packages.

Your buyer isn’t likely to just cut off the negotiation with a return email that says, “That is too high. ^&%( you.”

Instead, they’ll tell you their budget or ask for a better rate. You can always choose to lower the rate but once the first price is on the table and in the email, your buyer will orient to that value.

Do not ever give a price range.

Wedding planners often respond to general inquiries with statements like, “ Weddings can range from $X – $XXXXXXXX.”

Stop it!

If you have to provide a range like that, you don’t know enough about the couple to quote.

You can educate them about the packages and the different price points. Just don’t provide a range.

But whether wedding couple, meeting planner, corporate decision maker… your buyer will hear only the lowest price. They will negotiate to that.

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