Are these good questions to ask in an email? Will they help you advance to the next step?

Is Friday a good day to talk?
Are you available Friday to talk further?
Is this week or next more convenient for you to further discuss?

Yes? No?

Yes and no.

Some sellers ask these questions, thinking they’re a “call to action.”
They aren’t.

They engage the buyer and motivate action only when the seller takes control of the next step.

Engage readers with questions and make it easy – but never aggressive or pushy – for them to accept the next step.

Is Friday a good day to talk? I’ll plan to phone you then and if another day is better, please let me know.
Are you available Friday to talk further? I’ll call you in the morning unless you prefer a different day.
Is this week or next more convenient? I’ll try you later this week unless another time frame is better.

Questions engage buyers but if you want action, you need to take responsibility for making it happen.

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