Why is it that so many emails get absolutely no response?

Let me count the ways.

The questions you ask might just be the reason.

If you’re asking these, stop it. Now.

1. Do you prefer to communicate by email or phone?
Once you ask, you have to do. If they say “email,” yay, you don’t have to talk to them. But if they say “email,” when can you talk to them?

Instead, if they email, you email back. When you do, write a great email! Pique their interest enough that they’ll want to talk to you to move the deal forward more quickly.

And when they say, “Please send a contract,” don’t ask them if it’s okay for you to call. Do it! (You can because you never asked their preference!)

Pick up the phone and say, “How fabulous you’re ready to secure X and Y! You’ve made a great decision and to ensure I cover everything you envision, I have just a few more questions…”

2. When is a good time for a call?

Do not – DO NOT – give up all control! Ask this question and you’re in the silly question penalty box. The only thing worse is that eventually you’ll waste more time writing the dreaded follow-up email (that doesn’t get opened).

Tell them when you’ll call and give them a respectful way out.

3. Your thoughts?
Really? Do you want to know their thoughts? No! You want to know if they agree, approve, want more, less or if you should start from scratch.

Help them to answer your question by directing them:
Does this sound good or what else are you envisioning?
Are all the details covered or did I miss something?
Would you like me to put this into an agreement or what other details are needed?

Are you asking questions you want answers to or just asking questions?

You knew I couldn’t stop at just three sales-stopping questions because there are dozens.

My all time favorite stupid (we’ve escaped from silly) question (because some sales trainers still teach it) is:
Will Tuesday at 2 or Thursday at 4 be better for you?

Yes, you were specific.
Yes, it seems like you are in control.
Yes, it seems like the next step is kinda sorta effortless.

But NO! You might as well ask “When is a good time for a call?” If you have to wait for the prospect to answer you, you have to rephrase the question.

Once your customers love you and want to have the conversation with you, the way you ask your questions won’t determine your success. Until that point, when prospecting and initiating a relationship, eliminate all of these questions and watch your sales success grow!

It isn’t your fault if you’re using any of these but it is your responsibility to ask for modern sales training. (Hint! Hint!)

Before you go…

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