Follow-up emails fail for lots of reasons. Here are four:
1. The prospect is busy and you aren’t their priority. (Seriously, it may be nothing more evil than that.)
2. The proposal you sent sucks. It wasn’t aligned with their vision, it didn’t create distinction, It’s a losing proposal.
3. They really aren’t interested in your offer.
4. You haven’t given them a compelling reason to respond.

What can you do to get action from your follow-up?

Stop writing inane stuff like:
Just checking in to see if you’ve reviewed the proposal yet? Thanks!
Circling back to see if you had a chance to talk to your stake holders about the proposal I sent last week?
Touching base with you to answer questions and concerns you have about the proposal! Please let me know if I’ve covered everything.

1.  Keep them excited about saying yes.
Focus on their success, their needs,their key drivers.

2. Take control of the next step.
Tell them when you’ll call. Always remember the “when” so they know what to expect.

3. Create FOMO.
Fear of Missing Out is real! Be authentic. Use key words to highlight exclusivity and scarcity.

Use your follow-up email to help them see their vision instead of your want.

Often it isn’t the email that is the problem. It’s the proposal.
Ask: Does my proposal:
•focus on their key drivers?
•deliver on their desired business results?
•create FOMO?

Use every bit of proposal narrative to highlight how your offer will create the outcomes they need.

Then follow-up to show them again and again and again.

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