If Twitter can gain a “14-fold increase in replies” by being authentic, on-brand and fun, can you envision the awesome results you can achieve by infusing personality into your messaging? <https://www.thedrum.com/news/2018/11/28/twitter-brings-twitter-s-irreverent-tone-times-square-s-billboards>

“Lean deeper into the power of conversation” in your written messaging.
Be friendly but avoid being familiar.
Be real. Be smart.
Be concise and caring.

Create on-brand experiences by focusing on the emotions you want customers to feel while, and after, reading your email.

The key values you want associated with your brand should be apparent in every interaction.

Perform the “conversational test.” Ask yourself: Would I say this to my reader?

Then, focus on positive, personable, approachable and vibrant word choices to advance the sale.

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