I’ve spent the morning reading advice about how to write great sales emails. What I’m reading scares me.

The Break Up
The “break up” email had its moment. Why? It was clever, different and showed personality. By now, it’s old, stale and annoying. Oh, and it’s just not that fun or funny to read.

The Stalker
It’s true making the next step easy is critical to engaging, nurturing and converting leads. But – and this is a very very large but(t)! – being pushy with the next step will not win friends and influence people. I recently blogged about a seller using my mobile to send me reminders about our upcoming call. IF I had asked for this, it would have been an amazing customer experience. Because I didn’t, after the third reminder (in itself a poor choice of words), I cancelled the call.

The Fake Personalization
All research points to the need for increased personalization.
It shows respect.
And care.
And adds relevance (when done well).

But “personalizing” by merging their company name or telling a prospect how “impressed I am with your blog post,” doesn’t impress the prospect. Yes, you definitely earn points for knowing they write a blog. By commenting about a specific point the prospect made in the blog (the one you’re so impressed with) – and how you’ve applied it, would be a start of a new relationship.

The Template – r
Copying and pasting templates is bad business.

This is especially true if you’re copying templates suggested through a google search. Most of those templates – even from companies whose names are highly recognizable – have been around for years. They may be new to you, but not likely new to your prospect.

Oh and if the template generated gazillions for the person who wrote it, that doesn’t mean it will do anything for you. Does it reflect your personality? Your brand? Your customer base?

You are so much better than that!

Use Your Writing Genius!

Do you need to make your email perfect?
Heck no!

Be real.
Show compassion.
Slow down.
Imagine writing to a friend who really wants more information but will have to explain everything to someone else.
Make it sweet and easy to take the next step.

Create multiple excellent, fresh templates. Then take time to personalize even those.

Trust yourself. When your buyer can feel your care and respect, you will win more business.

Before you go…

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