Though the word “discount” cheapens the value of the your offer (special pricing or exclusive is so much better), research shows that only 7% of organizations never discount.

Do you discount as a “sales strategy” or because you don’t know how to show value proposition distinction?

The more you can differentiate your service or product, the less you have to discount.

How can you differentiate yourself in an email (that is likely to be scanned and not even read)?
Help buyers see a vision of her success
•Excite customers with authentic, emotionally sticky messaging
•Inspire prospects with fresh ideas (like I’m trying to do here for you!)

From prospecting to follow-up to closing the sale to nurturing the next one, what you say and how you say it matters.

Even when texting or WeChatting or whatever informal written communication tool you use to communicate with your customers, tell your distinctive story!

When you simply provide transactional information, you give your buyer no option but to evaluate your proposal on price.

And they’ll want a better one at that.

It’s not fluff to add excitement, vision and inspiration to your emails. It’s smart selling.

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