Time to transform sales results?

Replace outdated selling strategies with a fresh, smart, modern approach

We’re back to business! Yay! And how things have changed! Decision makers have different needs, everyone needs everything yesterday – oh wait, maybe I don’t need it all – and UX and CX have never been more important.

It’s time to approach selling – persuasive communication in general – differently. Very differently.

Today’s highest achievers use email, texting and LinkedIn – the written word! – to connect, engage and convert. And those with the ability to use their messaging as a smart, strategic tool win more deals, book more business and get awesome results.

Why am I telling you this? Because sales frustration is real. You do everything you can to break through, show value and create distinction. Yet (too) often you hear only crickets.

Are you still using the templates your sales leader gave you? How long have they been around? They used to work. Really, they did. But they won’t anymore.

You know it’s old school if you’re:

Sending the “break-up” email. (Did you seriously tell your prospect you were worried they may have fallen off a cliff or gone fishing permanently?)
Using the “It seems you may not be the right person, please direct me to someone who is” email. (What? You’re asking for a referral from someone who hasn’t even connected with you? It’s like asking a date you haven’t actually dated if they can refer you to someone more datable.)
Asking/Demanding to, “Let’s hop on a call” (Are you a rabbit? Unless you create desire, no one wants to jump in to anything with you!)

What connects with prospects and engages buyers now? Authenticity not a prescriptive, fake approach. Relevance. Messaging that creates trust, desire, distinction and emotional certainty. Communications that are customer-first, personable, brand aligned. Email that is worth their time to read.


That’s where I come in.

I started helping people get better results when my ex-father-in-law (he was current then) was promoted to management. He had been great doing what he was doing but the manager thing, not so much. I realized that with my background in English, Education and Counseling, I could come up with ideas to help him connect and communicate in a more persuasive, professional and likable way. And it worked.

Time passed and a major NYC seminar company hired me – their first female facilitator! – to provide “Business Writing Skills.” I was on-the-road training two weeks every month throughout North America, and it was the beginning of my 6 million+ American Airlines miles.

Today, I help clients globally sell more by communicating care more. Not by working harder (well, maybe a little), but by focusing on messaging that creates positive win-ratios and delighted, loyal customers. My clients are smart already so we build on current sales success to multiply and magnify that success.

Return on investment you can depend on

After training, clients report:

of all participants feel better prepared to authentically communicate their unique brand message
book business or have new business entering their pipeline as a direct result of attending training
would recommend the training to their international colleagues

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I loved your presentation today for so many reasons. In particular, your great content and the way you delivered it. But it was even more than that. This was the first online program that I’ve attended (and I’ve been on a LOT since March!) where I felt almost like I was attending a face-to-face meeting…. It was YOU and how you engaged with us.

Cara Tracy, CMP, CMMGlobal Client Advisor

SpeakerSue rocks! As a side benefit of sales training, CX has improved. Customers are noticing that we’re different because our everyday emails now show care, build excitement and create trust. Front Desk and Ops are now going through training to Zingle smarter.

When our SDRs realized changing their email style would help them make their bonuses, they were all in! Our bonus is lower turnover and retaining our talent is critical to our success. Thank you SpeakerSue!


I’ve tossed almost all research prior to 2020 because it doesn’t work anymore and it’s like walking with dinosaurs. I offer nothing off the shelf.  Every presentation is 100% designed fresh. You get modern content customized specifically for you, your brand and your industry instead of old, rehashed, generic, I-can’t-sit-through-it-one-more-time sales skills training. Using surveys and SWOT analysis of your current sales practices and emails, I design your workshop or virtual learning.

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As a sales professional, we all have had that one sales book we've read that's made a positive impact on our professional career. Years ago, a colleague of mine suggested I read "Power Sales Writing" by Sue Hershkowitz-Coore,. Sue's book changed everything I have ever known about creating outbound emails. It is my #1 book hands down. I am even luckier now, because not only did I find this book so impactful, that I wrote the author! And when that author, Sue, takes the time to respond, becomes a mentor to you and is there to help when needed, that's a rarity. No matter your industry, "Power Sales Writing" is applicable. Thank you, Sue, for writing this phenomenal business book.

Melissa GiannolaBusiness Development Specialist, Cotiviti


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