He would clear his desk twenty minutes before going to lunch every day just to hand write thank you notes.

He said it was easy at first because there are obvious things to thank people for doing for you.

Then, it became more difficult.

He’d have to look for reasons to show his gratitude. And that’s when his life changed.

All his success, he said, was attributed to his showing authentic gratitude for big and small things.

I was again reminded of this (and I wish I remembered the name of the man who gave me this sage advice for getting ahead) when I read the UNSW (Australia) research about how showing gratitude can get you ahead.

The key though isn’t about your gratitude.

It’s about helping the other person realize how kind, smart, helpful s/he is.

It’s going beyond the social courtesy or expected, “Thanks” as a close or afterthought at the end of the email (though current research shows that even a perfunctory “thanks” can elevate the email conversation and create a bit of obligation to return “the favor”).

If this matters to you, find the time to hand write a message to let others know how they’ve helped you gain success.

But know this: Even a personalized email can be memorable and appreciated and make the other person feel special and important.

And when that happens, so does magic.


Tips to help:
•Keep the message ONLY about the thank you. No pitches, no next steps, no nothing else.
•Begin with “Thank you” and be specific and genuine.
•Add a “so much” or a “SO much”IF that’s your personalty.
•Follow with how what they did or advised or offered, impacted you.
•Be specific and start with “Your suggestion…”
•Be enthusiastic!
•Show your gratefulness and create a genuine and stronger bond.

Here is an example email to get you started:
Hi Melissa,
Thank you SO much for reminding me how important it is to send thank you notes for big and small things. Based on your comment, I’m now sending five thank you messages each week (and promise to get better!). Your advice is already changing my life. You are AWESOME! Thanks again.

Take the time to do it now and let me know how it works for you, please.

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