“How are you today?”

“I hope this finds you well.”

“Did you have a nice weekend?”


Stop it!*

Fake rapport will not create rapport.

The only way to create rapport is to care about them.

Begin with something of substance that will matter to them.

Of course, when you have a relationship, you can ask how they are and the kids and the mother-in-law.

Once you have a relationship, your questions or comments are sincere, authentic, caring, fun.

But to begin with “How are you?” with someone you don’t know, like a prospective client, immediately telegraphs you had no more thoughtful way to begin.

Eliminate fake rapport and help them want to continue reading your email.

*If you’re located outside of the US or writing internationally, you may continue to use, “I hope this finds you well.” Countries, beyond US borders, have maintained a greater degree of civility in their writing. If you’re in the US writing domestically, these phrases are considered outdated, overused and inauthentic.”

Here are some other phrases to never use when starting an email:

Just touching base

Just checking in

Just circling back

Just reaching out

None of these openings are true!

You aren’t just doing any of that.

Instead, if you’re in sales, you’re writing to re-excite your buyer about what s/he had previously seemed interested in – your product or service. If you’re following up a recalcitrant colleague, your purpose is likely to find out if you’re going to get what you want or to learn when you’ll get what you want.

If you’d like examples, please email me at Sue@SpeakerSue.com or post your request and I’ll send it to you privately.

Be more clear about why you’re writing and you won’t be tempted to use cliches and pointless phrases.

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