Just lately, I’ve received a bunch of requests to speak about excellence in customer service.

But I’ll only agree if they allow me to speak about CX – the customer experience.

Customer service just means you’re doing enough things right that you stay in the game.

Focusing on CX – ensuring the customer experience is simple, effortless, convenient, friendly and caring – changes everything.

You’re right that mainly I talk about how to write exceptional emails and how to communicate authentically and respectfully.

And then it dawned on me:
Writing exceptional emails provides the CX customers seek.
Communicating respectfully and in a customer-centric manner elevates the customer experience, not just when complaints need to be resolved, but before they need to be resolved.

Good communication skills equals excellent CX.

Every communication – every interaction – either enhances or detracts from the customer experience.

That email you just wrote…did it do justice to your brand?

Pop Quiz: Yes or No
I agree this statement offers a positive customer experience:
“We understand your concern and are trying our best to solve the issue.”

Did you even need to think about it?
1. You do not understand. (Empathy instead of a solution sucks.)
2. The word “concern” amplifies negativity.
3. You’re doing what? “Trying your best to solve” it? See Yoda.

Every email, phone call and conversation will delight or frustrate your customers. If CX matters to you, focus first on what you say and how you say it.

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