What is a proposal?

Is it a communication tool to:
A. provide specific rates, inclusions, availability
B. persuade buyers you’re the best choice and why

Yes, of course, answer C, both, is best, but all high performing sellers understand the true core of a sales proposal is to create distinction and desire.

Instead, I see introductory narratives that wax poetic about the hotel, high atop a bluff, or how the location makes any getaway exceptional. or “boasts scenic views surrounded by unique geography” or “white sands” steps away.

Knock it off and instead tell the story that matters to the buyer!

What did you and your buyer talk about as key drivers?
What did he email as being important to success for his event goers, travelers, or colleagues?
What do you know, from your knowledge base, is critical to this type of buyer?

Begin with that!

Of course, you’ll include the details, but think of your proposal as a SALES tool rather than an informational tool to ensure you’re short listed.

Another big mistake proposal writers make is they ignore the principle of recency; people remember the last thing they heard or read.

So what is the last thing they read in your proposal? It’s usually some variation of absolutely nothing… the proposal just dribbles away or
“We are not currently holding space for you.”

You can do better than that!

What do you want them to think when they finish reviewing your proposal?

Tell them.

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