“The Best Cold Call Script Ever” That was the title of a blog post that appeared in my inbox this week. It was undated but who could resist reading it?

So I’m going to save you a lot of time in case you see it too.

It is NOT the best cold call script ever. Nowhere close.

It treats prospects like morons.

Your prospects are smart and savvy. 

They don’t have time to waste.

All they want is to do the best job they can for their company and themselves.

When your solution helps them do that, they may be interested.

The “best ever” cold call script suggested doing your research* and then using it like this (after announcing yourself -and pausing for a full 8 seconds):

  • So, [prospect name], I see you went to [university]. How did you like it?
  • Wow, you’ve been at [company] for [X years]. How did you get started there?
  • Congrats on your recent promotion. How is the new role?

I’m not making this up.

Imagine your phone rings, you actually answer it even though you have a packed day, and someone says,

“Hi Name, this is X from ABC, Pause. Pause. Pause. Pause. Pause. Pause. Pause. Pause. So X, I see you went to Arizona State University. How did you like it?”

WTF (fish)?

You haven’t earned the right to ask questions that waste their time. You don’t know them; they don’t know you.

Click. Good bye. I’m busy right now. Email me information. WTF? NO!

Use your research to form the business case that gives you the right to phone and interrupt their day.

Determine your authentic story to quickly create a positive emotion based on relevancy

Consistently focus your email and phone prospecting on your buyer’s needs, not your desire to build fake rapport.

*We agree on doing your research, just not on how it should be used!


Of course, you can create a script to learn the sales methodology. Using role plays, scenarios, simulations, is exactly what top performers do.  Then they make it their own. 

They don’t stick to the script; they stick to the sales methodology based on listening to their customers, loving them and focusing on accelerating their success.

Yes. Begin with a touchpoint. Quickly and concisely, tell them how you “know” them. (This is where your research comes in.)

Yes. Offer your one sentence story focused on them (this is also where you research comes in) to evoke positive emotion and create interest..

Yes. Ask insight-based questions. (Research and knowledge!)

Yes. Move toward a next step aligned with what you are discussing.

Yes. In a closing sentence, help them envision outcomes possible with your solution.

If you’re still focused on uncovering similarities or how you can engage a phone or email prospect in small talk (How are you today?), it’s time to update your calendar and  your skill set.

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  • Eric Field says:

    The key word of the post, – relavence.

    “People don’t buy for your reasons. They buy for their reasons.”

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