Though I’ve tossed 98% of all statistics prior to 2020 (no sense in teaching stuff that only used to be true), there are some truths that can be relied on to still be (mostly) true.

Like my mother telling me, “Bring a jacket. You never know when it’ll get cold.” Or, “Always wear clean underwear (without holes) in case you should have to be taken to the ER, G-d forbid.”

The truism today is, “You can catch more flies with honey than with vinegar.” As true today as ever.

Yet, it’s amazing how often sales and service professionals default to negative language.

In conversation and email, we use words like:
No problem

It’s easy to see how those words are harsh or imply negativity, but what about:

In a restaurant, a sign hanging from an empty greeter’s stand, “Wait to be seated.” How about something more positive like, “Our awesome staff will be with you in a moment!”

Or, an OOO that says, “I am currently out of the office. If you have urgent or immediate needs, please contact— “How about, “Thanks for your email. While I’m out of the office, my colleague, Name, will be happy to answer questions and take good care of you.”

Though these aren’t blatantly negative, phrasings that ping negative nodules in the recipient’s brain, cause distrust.

See what I just did there? Reread that statement. NEGATIVE!!

How about, “Phrasings that ping positive nodules in the recipient’s brain boost trust and success!”

Yes, it’s true that negative information and events outweigh positive in our memories. Yet building and nurturing professional relationships happen through respect and likeability.

As my friend, Joel Weldon, always says, “Success comes in cans, not in cannot.”

Before you go—
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