Business is booking. Are you getting your fair share (and more)?

Did I just hear you mutter, “I wish”?

Hmmm… please know it’s not likely your venue, offer or rate that isn’t right (though it’s easy to think that). It’s much more likely to be your outreach and follow-up.

How happy would you be – and your leaders too – if you could depend on a simple formula to ensure your emails engaged, nurtured and moved to close? What if more strategic messaging could help you book just one more event? Wait… how about a lot more?!

It’s definitely time to simplify the process and stop allowing revenue and sales opportunities to slip away.

Here is why my winning email sales success formula works:

1. It treats email as a strategic tool.
Smartly written and well-sequenced and cadenced email engages buyers, build relationships and moves them to the next step. The first step is to get excited about email as a winning sales tool, and not simply a tool of transaction.

2. It makes the buyer the hero.
No one (maybe your mama — maybe) cares about what you have to offer. Buyers care about what they get. It’s not your hotel’s super-sized safety protocols that matter; it’s how safe their participants feel about attending the event, connecting and doing business while there. It’s not about your anything!

3. It makes emotional intelligence – care, compassion – easy to communicate.
Rosabeth Moss Kanter famously said, “High Tech, High Touch!” And though she highlighted the need for enhancing tech with high touch about a gazillion years ago, her advice is more true now. As we rely more on AI and data, EI (emotional intelligence) elevates AI (artificial intelligence). You can have all the data in the world, but without communicating EI, whatever you’re selling is simply a commodity to your buyer.

While I go much deeper into this is my books and training courses I teach virtually and onsite, here is the basic email formula:
Open authentically
Create desire
Control the action (and elevate FOMO)
Create a vision.

By using this email success structure, you’ll not only simplify writing and save time – but even more importantly – build relationships that are meaningful and profitable.

Email is your key to success today!

Before you go…

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