Words matter. The difference between saying, “Unfortunately, we no longer offer …” and “Here are the great, new options …” is the difference between likeability and a sale, or not.

SpeakerSue’s tip: To put your customers and prospects at ease, choose positive, pleasant words “brain-friendly” words.

Words like:
I can’t
Make sense?
are nether positive nor pleasant nor brain friendly.

Words like:
Thank you!
You rock!
You’re right.
What a great idea!
Thanks for asking!
enable receptivity, likeability and connection.

But wait, there’s more!

What if someone uses negative words that are wrong?
Take the high road. Create positivity. Find some point in which to make them right.
Yes, you’re right this should not have happened.
Thank you for letting me know and I can absolutely help with this.
Oh, may I look into this for you?
Thank you for asking for clarification.
Thanks for being open and transparent about how we can do better for you.
I really appreciate your willingness to help us improve.

Want to sell more? Amp up your positivity and care.

If you have ever taken a Power Sales Writing workshop with me – virtual or on-site – you learned the power of your very last statement in your email.

Check your words! Are you (inadvertently) casting doubt, negativity or just blah-ness in the place that it can really hurt your effectiveness – the end of your message?

These are not power closes!
“If you have questions, please do not hesitate to call me.” Never an option! They already know that.
“I look forward to hearing from you.” Yup. Yes you do.

A delighter is always the strongest, most emotionally certain way to end to motivate your customer, colleagues and stakeholders to take action.

Before you go…

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