You know how you plug a destination into Google maps or Waze or whatever nav system you use?

You input where you want to go, and the app provides the path.

Same thing with email.

Knowing where you want to go – your “why” for writing – before you start to write does the same thing.

If you put in a fuzzy address, you end up somewhere close to your goal. Not efficient or good enough.

But when you’re clear on your “why,” instead of the longest route (multiple emails), with detours (radio silence) and traffic (maybe next year), you accomplish your goal – to get to where you want to be – quickly.

Same thing with email.

You get an email and the prospect asks for information.

What is your “why” for responding?
Is it to answer the question?
Yes yet…

is that all you want to do?
Will that get you in the door?
Will that create distinction?
Will that start a trusting relationship?
How many more emails will it require to move forward?

Asking the right questions before you write gets results and saves up to 80% of the time spent writing.

Want to know what the right questions are? Please leave a comment here and I’ll send you a quick infographic you can use to save up to 80% of the time you spend writing.

Before you go…

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