I confess.

“I’d like to add you to my professional network on LinkedIn.”

Guilty. I’ve sent it when I clicked too quickly.

What a horrible, thoughtless first impression to someone I want to meet!

Don’t be that person!

Just as important, don’t be the disingenuous person who tries to sell me by pretending to have taken time getting to know me.

Here is a LinkedIn request I received:

“Our similar interests and experience drew my attention encouraging me to connect with you and explore ways we may be able to benefit through networking.”


I checked. We have no similar interests. And what does that sentence even mean?

What she didn’t write, which at least would have been the truth, was, “If you agree to connect I WILL benefit by trying to sell you something.”

Stop it!

Customers are not stupid and sales people who treat them that way get the poor results they deserve!

A great LinkedIn invite is:

You’re prospecting when trying to make a LinkedIn connection (not selling!).
You’re extending your hand with a genuine, thoughtful smile so the other person wants to virtually shake back.

Find a genuine, thoughtful, kind way to compliment the other person.

Example: If their name appears on my “People to Know” section, I explain:

Hi Name,
Your name popped up as important to know and I’d be honored if you’d agree to connect here. Thanks so much!

That’s it.

Nothing complicated but it is TRP: Thoughtful, real, personalized and true.

How do you connect with heart?

*What the fish? What were YOU thinking?

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