(Even if you aren’t yet leading a team, these ideas will keep you from becoming THAT person.)

Do you spend more time crafting a message to a customer than when emailing your colleagues or team?


Sure there are times when you just have to get or give information. True with customers, too.

But what about the times when you need to sell your colleagues or team on an idea (which is pretty much always except when answering their questions)?
Like returning to work?
Attending a meeting?
Completing (today) a report you need?
Agreeing to a direction?
Spending money from their budget?
Changing a procedure?

How can you apply your beautiful corporate values – words like: respect, integrity, humility, empathy, creativity, fun, trust, people first – in every email? Can you claim to be empathetic or caring when your complete response to a request for guidance is: “will be the link I sent you a couple weeks ago”.

Leading teams today requires utmost attention to detail. Including tone and language in every email. Leadership means selling ideas!

Start by overcommunicating. It’s okay to not have answers and it’s okay to not agree; it’s not okay to pretend the question wasn’t asked or doesn’t need acknowledgement.

What messaging is needed?
Compassion. People are different than they were 18 months ago. Lead by helping others feel safety (physically, emotionally, financially).
Culture. Review those “Values” then let your emails reflect who you and the organization aspires to be.
FOMO. Give people a reason to want to do what you want. Focus on what is in it for them. Highlight outcomes.
Positivity. A simple, “Great job! Appreciate it” goes a long way. Everyone likes being recognized, especially in a time of emotional uncertainty. Look for ways to show appreciation and communicate it.

Just to clarify, acting human to colleagues before focusing on task does NOT mean patronizing them with fake rapport building openers like, “How are you?”
You’re writing to your colleague. If you know she was ill, text or phone. Don’t wait for an email where you need something, with no other way to start your ask.

“I hope this finds you well” when sending a bulk message doesn’t work either. Instead, start with the greatest benefit to them to do whatever you’re proposing.

Get rid of the fluff and elevate authentic care to be a successful leader now.

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