The absolute biggest challenge for sellers today is building trust and intimacy via virtual platforms and/or digital media.

For good reason.

It is hard to pull off likeabilty – which research shows to be more important than competence – in writing, or through a screen.

When we’re in the same meeting as the speaker, (unless there is bad blood between us) their points, rather than their personality, carry the most weight.

Watching them talk virtually – and that changes. We’re more influenced by whether they appear likable or not.

Why? Because we’re watching them more than listening to them.

And we’re watching ourselves. And everyone else. And we’re not really paying that much attention to what they’re saying but we are to how they’re coming across.

Email has its own set of challenges.

When we write, we hear our intonation, our passion, our intent in our head. When they read, they hear their own.

So, here are 8 tips – virtual and digital – to apply immediately to create greater likeabiity and project greater competence.

Virtual tips
Tip #1: Plan your opening. Start with something positive. An authentic thank you always sets a good tone.
Tip #2: Look like you care. No kidding. Iron your shirt. Put on make-up. Don’t slouch. (Yes, mother.)
Tip #3: Be your best self. Show enthusiasm. Compliment what others say. Build them up as you add on to their comments.
Tip #4: Ask smart questions. Don’t have all the answers before you know the questions.

Email tips
Tip #1: Open with a positive, authentic message. Eliminate drama. A thank you can work IF it’s authentic. Get creative. Stay real.
Tip #2: Use words that show you care about them; about their success and their needs.
Tip #3: Personalize your message. One size fits none.
Tip #4: Don’t ask too many questions.
Tip #5: Make it absolutely frictionless to take or accept the next step.

Your job today – and always has been – is to form a solid foundation of trust and intimacy.

Fake rapport won’t do it.
Words and behaviors that show authentic care enable productive, meaningful business conversations and are key to success now.

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