How many types of apples are available in the market where you live?

I haven’t actually counted (because that would be too weird) but I’m guessing my grocery sells at least 10 different kinds.

At different price points.

I can tell the difference between red and green.

But then what? Why pay USD$3.99+ for Honeycrisp (your brand) when I can get Galas, Romes, Granny Smiths and Red Delicious for half of that?

Then, how do I choose between all the apples at the same lower price point?

“How” is the wrong question though. We all know “how.” They try to negotiate for the lowest price because they know they’ll get about the same result with any of the choices.

“Why” is a much better question. Why should they choose you?

Your value prop? Is it really different from the others? If so, how do you communicate that to them?

And if not, then the only difference in our battle of apples is…..


The care you show.
The confidence they feel.
The excitement you generate.
The delight they envision.

You win the battle when your emails convey a sense of experience and not just transaction.

Your customer/client needs to be the center of your universe. Stop talking about your product!

Create brain friendly email messages by evoking positive emotion (like remembering how good a fresh Honeycrisp tastes) and you’ll win the battle of the apples every time.

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