I was never big into crime shows because watching with my mother when I was a kid, she had an uncanny knack for guessing the end before the first commercial.

It’s easy to see the clues when you already know the end.

The same is true with the emails I review. I can easily guess the end result.

From a long list of “criminal” email behavior, here are three (random, but important) clues to poor results:

1. Being too vague.
Stop asking prospects/customers/leaders, “Your thoughts?” Direct them. Guide them. Be specific in your question to get the true answer to your question.

“Your thoughts?” leads to additional emails and wasted time. You’re better than that.

2. Being negative.
Re-read the last three emails you sent. What could you have said in a more pro-active, positive way?
Instead of saying what you don’t have, don’t know, can’t do, tell them what you can.
Yes, it may feel like you aren’t answering their question, but you are. And in a solution-oriented, future-focused, smart way.

3. Being difficult.
Well, maybe more unpleasant by creating more work for them when you could have taken care of everything with just a bit more effort.

You know your client needs X, but aren’t sure if they need Y. Instead of providing X and Y, or at least X, you send an email, “Do you need X and Y or just X?” Really?

How much more likable you would be (read: better results) if you provided X and also Y, “If you’d like to review Y, it’s attached here too.” Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh!

There are so many opportunities to connect on a level of care. Are you using all of them?

Email isn’t just email. It’s a strategic tool to get results and show your leadership.

The biggest unsolvable crime is understanding why, when you have a clear recommendation, you don’t provide it.

It’s a crime to make your customer or leader ask you for your recommendation. It’s a crime to give away your power (see: Your thoughts?!). It’s a crime to think email is simply a transactional tool.

Consider how you can elevate every conversation.

Allow your emails to show you at your best.

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