You know I have to say this.

When a client or colleague is angry or upset and you can feel their frustration simply by reading their words, please, PLEASE, go old-school and pick up the phone.

But they won’t answer, you say. Email is the only way they want to communicate, you claim.



Use email. Here is how to do it:

Start with heart. Consider the backstory to why they are so upset.
Is their job on the line?
What are they frightened about?

It almost always comes down to fear.

With that in mind, to get them to actually hear what you have to say (whether email or verbal), your job is to help them feel safe and smart.

Rebuilding trust virtually isn’t such an easy thing.

But you CAN do it by focusing on solution rather than defending your position and using words that make your buyer (or boss) feel smart about moving forward.

Thank you.

These two words are the best words to begin an email when you need to diffuse a negative or hostel situation.

Thank you for taking the time to email.
Thank you for giving me the opportunity to clarify.
Thank you for your email.

Then, tell them what they are right about:

You’re right, this is a difficult situation…
Yes this is confusing…
You’re right I had promised the information to you by yesterday….

Even the harshest complaint can be neutralized when you focus on helming them feel cared for and comfortable no matter how rash or rudely they treated you.

Handle complaints with email by choosing words that rebuild trust.

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