Take a moment to think about an email you sent that got exactly the result you wanted.

Based on your email, the client booked the event, accepted your pitch presentation, scheduled a call through your link (a topic for another post) or was available and happy to accept your call.

So what did you do in that email – and all the emails that led to that result – to advance to your desired action?

First, here is what you didn’t do:
You didn’t make the email all about you/your product/your awesomeness.
You didn’t simply answer their questions.
You didn’t treat your response as just a transaction.
You didn’t make next steps difficult. Or vague.
You didn’t write a boring email.
You didn’t send a generic, cut and paste.
You didn’t have two or twelve confusing and different calls to action.
You weren’t fake, and didn’t start with inauthentic rapport.
You weren’t rude, negative or pushy.

Email isn’t just email!
Email is a brilliant, (mostly) efficient tool for engaging, nurturing and advancing the sale. You know that, because you’ve experienced the power of the perfect email.

What do emails that save money, make money, drive revenue, boost reputations and create distinction and desire do? They:
Focus on the buyer’s success
Create excitement for outcomes
Show care & compassion (but not drama)
Are frictionless
Are personalized and authentic
Make next steps logical, often just baby steps
Are “light” and filled with professional personality
Use positive, brain-friendly messaging
Create good feelings and emotional certainty in the reader.

This is important to remember:
Email is still the most popular business communication and sales tool despite a wide variety of specialist tools – and sales reps for those products claiming otherwise. Their software automates but most applications continue to require strategic written communication skills. More, the vast majority of email applications are about marketing and not selling; the difference between creating awareness and gaining commitment.

Look for patterns in the emails that work for you. Replicate what works and update what doesn’t. if it isn’t working as often as you’d like, it’s time to take a fresh look at what matters to buyers today.

According to LinkedIn 2021 Report, “Top-performing salespeople achieve 125% or more of their revenue goals.”


By constantly sharpening their saw. By seeing new trends and not being afraid to embrace them.

More top-performing salespeople are intentional learners and high-growth companies invest in their talent.

But they aren’t being simply altruistic! Forbes says that investing in sales training in 2021 has a 353% ROI. Their latest sales training statistics show for every $1 invested, companies earned $4.53.

Let’s say they’re off by 153% or 253% or 350%! What would even a 3% increase in sales mean to your success?

Before you go—
The whirlwind is behind us and the future is bright! With two-thirds of buyers preferring remote interactions – digital and virtual – polishing your email selling skills is key to dramatically improving sales.

It’s time to stop sending email after email only to be ignored! You can write quick, strategic, smart messages that get results and drive sales!

Check availability for a fully customized on-site sales training workshop or virtual training series. Visit Sue’s website, email Sue@SpeakerSue.com or call +1-480-575-9711 for possibilities.


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