Do people tell us the truth about why they don’t buy from us?

When they tell us, often they say “price,” but what they mean is “you.” You’re the reason I went “in another direction.”

Harsh? Very. Please know I include myself in that word.

We sabotage our own success when we think our clients and prospects only want answers.

They also want (and need) emotional certainty.

The buyer is always thinking, “Can I, should I stake my happiness, success, reputation on you?” It’s your job to help them feel certain the answer is yes.

Sure, you can and should offer third party social proof. You can even write,”Don’t believe me… here is what other happy couples/meeting planners/buyers/physicians have said.”

But more, in the webinars and on-site programs I present, participants learn it’s about the psychology of the words being used. Different words impact our brains – and desire – quite differently.
Sign the contract or Approve the agreement? My property or my venue? Oh, I could go on and on with proven examples of what stimulates the brain and what doesn’t (and do!)

It’s also about the structure – how you prime your buyers to be open, ready and eager to consider and act on your offer.

Are the emails you send strategic tools that work for or against your goals?

If you hear crickets more often than “yes, please,” change your email approach to create emotional certainty. That is how you book more business now.

I’ve been mystery shopping a new client with results that are not pretty.

One big issue (among many!) is the lack of excitement. The answers are there but the humanity, fun, care not so much.

Ask yourself, “Is there a more brain-friendly word I can use? Have I used everything I know about buyers today to position this information for receptivity?”

You will book more business when you aim for the heart.

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