Toss a pebble into a lake and done right, the pebble skips multiple times and circles grow ever wider.

Sinking to the bottom is the other option. You throw the pebble and plop.

Just a small change in your flick and throw enables those endless ripples.

Emails are just the same.

Some plop like dead weight and create nothing. No response. No affinity. No action. Others expand your reach, develop business and accelerate revenue.

What type of emails are you sending? More, what type of results are you getting?

If you aren’t happy with your results, if you’re struggling to connect and engage, the answer is to craft strategically persuasive emails.

Emails that are strategically crafted, use brain-friendly messaging and apply smart, authentic persuasion tactics, fill pipelines, nurture relationships and close more business.

Here is a hard truth (I’m sorry but…):

If your emails aren’t advancing the sale, getting the interview, or moving to the next step, you’re doing something wrong.

It’s possible that with just small changes you can increase your response rate by 57% or more (which is exactly what happened with a company I worked with pre-pandemic, and now with a few additional tweaks, they are still getting extraordinary results)!

Create emails that skip and hop and expand your sales outreach. Because “plop” is never a sound of success.


You feel like you’re doing everything right and mostly you are. You are religious about sending personalized prospecting emails. You respond to inquiries quickly. You always provide needed info. You even follow-up again and again.

Yet, your response rate remains low or worse.

This is wrong and should not happen!

Use email as a strategic tool to quickly and significantly increase your response rate.

Even a small change will create exponential growth for you.

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