You just spoke with a prospect and promised to follow-up with additional information.

But what can you say that won’t sound cheesy or like the same email they receive from every other prospective supplier?

Make them the hero.

Choose words that revolve around them.

Yes, you can begin:
•with something personal (friendly not familiar!), fun, or anything interesting discussed during the call.
•with a statement that helps them envision their success with your product or service.

You can even start with by thanking them if you can be clear and specific about why you’re doing so.

What you shouldn’t do is be fake.

If it wasn’t a pleasure, don’t begin with: It was a pleasure talking with you today! (Liar, liar, pants on fire!)

If it was a pleasure, what did they say or do that made it so? It’s always about them.
Tell them: What a pleasure hearing your excitement for your new initiative!

Whatever you do, if you don’t want to annoy your prospect, make your opening authentic, relevant and customer-centric.

Start with “Thank you” only when you have something specific to thank them for saying or doing.

If you begin every email with a thank you, you lessen the impact of those very important words.

When you open with a thank you, build on your words so they can quickly understand they did something valuable, “Thanks for your time today. Based on your insights….”, shows your prospect you listened and helps them feel smart for giving you their time.

Always be thinking of authentic ways you can begin your email with a show of care for your reader.

Then, you’ll never need to be concerned about being annoying.

P.S. Your opening statement can be even more important than your subject line. Pay attention to how you engage them because they will.

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