sales team’s potential

Modern selling techniques for today’s sales professional

Craft strong, authentic, powerful messaging to grab attention, convey distinction and tell your story.

Gartner Group says that by 2020 (don’t blink!) 85% of all communications will be digital.

Is your sales team ready?

Are they prepared to use email to communicate distinction, value, care? Can they start, advance and close a sale with email?

And what about when they get your customers on the phone or make their pitch to the decision-makers?

Getting buyers to read, sit up, pay attention and say, “Yes, please!” becomes more challenging every day.


High-performing companies revolve everything around their customers.

They close more leads because they know how to:
make next steps simple,
show authentic care,
align messaging with what actually matters,
infuse positivity and
help buyers envision the ROI they require.

They build more business because they craft smart messaging and have a predictive, clear sales cadence that makes it easy for buyers to move forward.

Email Sales Training

Email Sales Training

December 29, 2015

Strategic Selling Skills Training

Strategic Selling Skills Training

Pure eye candy


SpeakerSue uses email as the basis for sales training. Why? Because email is the way we sell today. From building trust while prospecting to becoming a trusted partner through smart, strategic follow-up, respectfully closing the business and creating solid business relationships, email is your advocate and handshake!!







The email of the future is here!

Your sales force is too busy playing whack-a-mole with their in-box and e-channel leads, to get it right. Instead of nurturing and adding insight to the buying experience, they knee-jerk respond with transactional, off-putting messaging.

Business building is even worse. On average, 50% of selling time is wasted on unproductive prospecting.

It’s intent and care that nurtures not information or content.

Double your response rates by articulating your message and telling your story. Smart foundational skills and powerful advanced strategic selling tools change everything.

What Clients Say… And You Will ToO

Ritz-Carlton has partnered with Sue for many years; she is now an integral part of our training curriculum and has created raving fans due to her incredible ability to instill terrific communication skills ... we’ve seen very strong results

Kelly Wood Senior Manager, Global Training Strategy, The Ritz-Carlton Hotel Company

Thank you so much for the amazing training that you provided. I am already implementing your techniques and am really enjoying it. I do have to stop and think at every turn but that is a good thing. I am confident that management will want to bring you back once they see the amazing changes from our team.

Robin Houdyschell, CMP Destination Meeting Services Manager, Visit Orlando®

You have changed my life! Thank you for teaching me those powerful techniques to doing business smarter. I plan to share this with my family, friends and colleagues back home.

Gita Marin JoyceHospitality Event Management

"When we first engaged Sue, Langham was searching for a way to tell its story and through her highly interactive sessions, the sales training provided our colleagues words and ideas to articulate our individual brands in a manner that differentiates us from our competitive set. Specifically focused on the heart of today's business communication - email messaging - the team ... were prepared to extend the brand image, generate additional client interest and convert more leads into solid business."

Aviva Chow, CMPLangham Hospitality Group, Director of Global Programmes, Planning & Support

"We have engaged Sue primarily to focus on infusing our brand DNA into our written communications to complement our marketing messages and more importantly to elevate the sales process ... We applied the training to FIT sales, Group Sales, Marketing Communications, Reservations and even Executive Assistants. The litmus test was the highly positive response of our colleagues and their immediate change in behaviour which provided the desired training results...

Alison Styles Mandarin Oriental Hotel Group, Vice President Sales & Marketing EMEA


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